Marine Seating Suspensions



Installation of GLYDE RYDE seating is accomplished solely at the discretion of the user. GLYDE RYDE suspensions are designed to accept most marine industry seating. GLYDE RYDE suspensions are not constructed to accommodate bulky seating such as plush captains chairs.


The GLYDE RYDE suspension is attached to a flat mounting surface of the boat, secured by 8 each 3/8"-16 bolts through the GLYDE RYDE seat base. Failure to not properly secure the suspension using the 8 bolts described above will negate the warranty.




To allow lateral adjustment of the GLYDE RYDE suspension in military and commercial service applications, an optional heavy-duty stainless steel slider manufactured by GLYDE RYDE is available.




The slider adjusts fore and aft eight inches in one inch increments. The slider may be installed directly to the deck or mounted to an optional three-inch elevated riser shown at the right.




A recreational service GLYDE RYDE installation shown at left is popular with competitive tournament fishermen and women. Here the GLYDE RYDE is mounted to an aluminum, slider/swivel mechanism.

This slider/swivel, made by Garelick Manufacturing Company, is available from several marine supply dealers.




GLYDE RYDE has been selected to provide passenger suspension seating for 700 new 25 foot Defender Class United States Coast Guard boats.

These boats are built by SAFE Boats International of Port Orchard, Washington , to provide the United States Department of Homeland Security with a standardized platform for our Nation's Maritime Safety and Security Teams.

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